Embraer E-Jet E2: Building on Success

October 2016

This program covers the Embraer E2 Jets aircraft program, with models ranging from 70-130 seats. AIR believes that the Embraer E2 jets will capture most orders in this segment currently, sharing leadership in the 70-100 seat market with the Mitsubishi RJ and the 100-130 seat market with the Bombardier CSeries.
New engine technology has enabled the re-engining of the popular E-Jets, enabling Embraer to capture the benefits of new technology while minimizing development costs, placing it in a favorable competitive position.
AIR study on the E2 Jets covers the history of the program, segment competitive dynamics and the competitive economics of the three E2 models.
Embraer’s re-engined E2 should prove very successful, given the well-established E-Jet customer base, its strong operating economics, and improved performance. The E2 program has over272 firm orders and 670 commitments.
In the 100-150 seats market, Embraer and Bombardier will lead the market, as their E190-E2, E195-E2, CS100 and CS300 aircraft are more efficient than “shrink” models including the Airbus A319neo and Boeing 737 MAX 7. With a leadership
position in both segments of the 70 to 130 seats market, Embraer is well positioned to capture a strong share of both regional and mainline airline growth.

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