This page lists reports and data-sets we offer.

EFB Research Data

The data set consists of the responses from our annual EFB surveys from 2013 through 2015. We add the latest data at the end of each year. Clients who have the data set are charged only for the latest year addition.




2015 EFB Report

34 pages; 46 charts; 80 airlines

There has been a steady rise in the deployment of EFB technology.  It would seem fair to say that airlines now regard EFBs as standard equipment in most cases.  We ascribe this to remarkable growth in tablets which is discussed in greater detail in this report.






2014 EFB Report

56 pages; 59 charts; 57 airlines

In previous EFB Reports we have spent time in this section sharing the tremendous impact being seen by tablet computers, like the iPad.   Rather than update this with updated technology exhibits, we want to move the conversation away from technology changes.
The debates about the various EFB classes are proving to be passé as well.  The real focus is more about whether the device is attached to the aircraft permanently or not. The arguments about whether COTS technology can positively impact flight operations is increasingly less useful.  The facts are straightforward – airlines want to deploy EFBs because they provide a means of improving efficiencies.  In our survey, we note that over 80% of responding airlines have deployed EFBs.  Moreover, satisfaction with hardware and software are at 94% and 86% respectively.




2013 EFB Report

48 pages; 22 charts; 43 airlines


•    Our results indicate that airlines are embracing EFB technology at a rapid rate; in 2012 83% of airlines responding to the survey have some sort of EFB program in place and in 2013 this rose to 90%.
•    Airlines continue seeking the highest price/value combination
•    EFB cost remains the most significant driver
•    Over 90% of EFB programs are sponsored by Flight Ops departments
•    76% of airlines report satisfaction with their EFB program
•    Optimal outcomes for EFB trials include approvals and paperless operations
•    Vendors were rated highly; 74% of hardware vendors and 85% of software vendors rate positively
•    Tablets are used at 46% of airlines
•    One fifth of EFB replacements will occur within three years
•    Airlines are standardizing EFB connectivity; 50% can access Wi-Fi
•    There is interest in exploiting cabin Wi-Fi for EFBs
•    Cyber-security is a major issue