Information Technology

IT now permeates all things business,  from the portable devices to the Internet of Things.   Understanding technology trends and knowing what to adopt is critical to long-term success.

Cyber-security is essential, and a continuous battle;  while appropriate actions are being taken, this is a constant battle in a new environment of potential cyber-warfare where yesterday’s solutions can rapidly become obsolete. The pace of change in IT is accelerating, and keeping up is becoming more difficult, particularly for the lower tiers of the aerospace & defense supply chain.  From petabytes of data coming from aircraft health management systems to next generation fly-by-wire systems and innovative concepts for additive manufacturing, IT has become an element of differentiation in aviation.

IT is impacting design and manufacturing.  From advanced CAD systems to computational fluid dynamics tools for engineers, we can now simulate what we once needed to prove physically in a wind tunnel.  On the shop floor, additive manufacturing is rapidly changing how we make component that are lighter and more efficient.  Innovations in IT impact organizations in new ways.

Recent examples of  AIR  work in information technology include:

• Assisting an emerging travel distribution firm with the design of an innovative search methodology to provide consumers a mechanism to more flexibly search for both airline seats and tour packages.

• Assisting an airframe manufacturer with the design of an internet-based system to link its customers with more than 80 suppliers of line replaceable units and enable automated ordering and parts replenishment from a single point of contact.

• Developing and implementing an operating suite of systems for a low cost airline, including internal reservations, yield management, departure control, and links to GDS systems.

• Assisting a client with an information-based product re-design their product to improve the user interface and turn a maintenance planning tool into a virtual logbook and storehouse for maintenance records.

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