AIR  is a premium aerospace & defense boutique analysis & consulting group.  Our innovative strategies and market intelligence have provided sustainable strategic advantage for our clients for over a decade.    Contact us at  +1-425-789-0200 or use our contact form.


We blend the capabilities, expertise and resources of large firms with the personal relationships that position our services uniquely with our customers.

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Our operating philosophy is grounded in five pillars:

Balancing Creativity and Analytical Rigor:  

We seek to combine creativity and novel thinking with analytical rigor to provide innovative solutions that are firmly grounded and achievable. This balance enables us to recommend successful & actionable strategies while avoiding those un-achievable for our clients.

Maintaining Integrity and Careful Ethics:

Integrity is non-negotiable. We assiduously avoid conflicts of interest, the perception of conflicts, and take only assignments that are achievable and will reject those in which a predetermined answer is expected.

Avoiding linear & Conventional thinking:

Searching for the Truth  wisdom is often incorrect. The harsh light of analytical rigor is often necessary to dispel long-held assumptions and industry practices that impact performance.with far reaching implications for corporate performance.

Delivering Exceptional Partnership Value:

We combine the resources and sophistication normally associated with larger firms with the personal attention that can only be provided by a smaller and more responsive organization.

Leveraging Advances in Technology 

Early adapters of technology can gain significant competitive advantage, but run the risks of being pioneers and taking arrows.We have helped clients capture new markets and gain market leadership through adoption of leading edge technologies while minimizing technological risks.




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