|  December 2021

20 December 2021  FlightGlobal: Loss of Qantas and Air France-KLM deals to Airbus highlights Boeing’s competitive gaps

3 December 2021    AFP:  China Gives Long-Awaited Approval to Boeing 737 MAX After Crashes


|  November 2021

14 November 2021   AFP: Tale of two companies: Airbus recovers as Boeing reels

12 November 2021   AFP: Climate, Covid recovery loom large over Dubai air show

12 November 2021   AFP: Airbus retrouve des couleurs face à Boeing qui continue de plonger

|  October 2021

27 October 2021   AFP: Boeing plombé par les problèmes du 787

27 October 2021   King 5: Global shipping delays are leading to increased demand for Everett-built Boeing freighters

|  September 2021

23 September 2021  FlightGlobal: Ten years since service start, has the 787 delivered Boeing’s promises?

|  August 2021

2 August 2021  FlightGlobal: Parker Hannifin to acquire Meggitt as aerospace merger activity resumes

17 August 2021  Business Journals: Aerospace manufacturers seek to retain workers lured by high-growth tech firms

19 August 2021  FlightGlobal: Predators seeking rich pickings in aerospace

31 August 2021  FlightGlobal: Former GE Aviation chief Joyce joins Boeing’s board, bringing aerospace manufacturing know-how

|  February 2021

10  February  2021   FlightGlobal: Analysts urge Boeing: launch a mid-market jet

8 February 2021    Business Journals:Boeing expands 737 parts production in India after Chinese supplier blacklisted

8 February  2021   FlightGlobal: Boeing turns page on troubled 2020 but strategy ill defined

|  January 2021

27 January 2021   AFP: After the 737 MAX and the pandemic, Boeing faced with the setbacks of the 777X

27 January 2021   AFP: Le 737 MAX de Boeing à nouveau autorisé à voler en Europe

26 January 2021   Post and Courier: Some storm clouds part for Boeing, but others remain

|  December 2020

16 December 2020  Defese Aérea e Naval: Retorno de 737 Max marca apenas um dos desafios de retorno da Boeing para 2021

14 December  2020   FlightGlobal: Return of 737 Max marks just one of Boeing’s comeback challenges for 2021

8 December 2020   Flightglobal: Boeing needs to develop a smaller mid-market aircraft: analysts

2 December 2020  Business Journals: Chinese jet maker pushes ahead on flight tests for rival to Boeing 737 Max

|  November 2020

18 November 2020   AFP: Les Etats-Unis autorisent le Boeing 737 MAX à voler de nouveau

18 November 2020   UOL Economia: Como a Boeing convencerá de que é seguro voar em um 737 MAX?

4 November 2020   Aerodefensenews:  Boeing ne fait plus les beaux jours de l’Etat de Washington

3 November   Defese Aérea e Naval:  Embraer postou no Twitter imagens de seu turboélice conceitual

2 November 2020  Business Journals: Boeing CEO shrugs off threat from China’s $8.8B C919 jet – then it flew at a Jiangxi air show

2 November 2020   Flightglobal: Trump or Biden: How might aerospace fare?

|  October 2020

31 October 2020    AIAA: Vehicle Design and Optimization Model for Urban Air Mobility

29 October 2020   Flightglobal: Embraer tweets picture of conceptual turboprop, hints at potential design

19 October 2020     Wall Street Journal:  Boeing Production Cuts Force Suppliers to Lay Off Staff, Rethink Future

15 October 2020 A21mx: Covid causaría fuga de cerebros en empresas aeronáuticas

12 October 2020   King5:  Boeing expected to update status of 737 MAX orders on Tuesday

|  September 2020

29 September 2020    King5: Boeing moving all 787 Dreamliner production from Everett to South Carolina

28 September 2020    Flightglobal: Analysts warn of Boeing talent drain, question company’s long-term strategy

25 September 2020     AFP: Boeing 737 MAX: vers une remise en service en Europe « d’ici la fin de l’année »


21 September 2020    King5: Report-Boeing could move 787 operations from Everett to South Carolina

17 September 2020    Flightglobal: Boeing’s Allen succeeds Raymond as head of strategy with direct report to CEO

|  August 2020

24 August 2020  Flightglobal: Union warns Boeing may seek concessions amid 787 production review

14 August 2020  Business Journals: Airbus wins orders for A321neo business jet, Boeing loses one

12 August 2020  Flightglobal: July cancellations push Max backlog cut to 860 for the year

2 August 2020  AFP:  After a historic run, it’s game over for pioneering Boeing 747

|  July 2020

31 July 2020   FlightGlobal: Analysts view Charleston as central to 787’s future as CEO urges patience

30 July 2020   RTI: 写下历史后 波音747巨无霸即将退场

29 July 2020   AFP: Le Boeing 747 va bientôt tirer sa révérence

29 July 2020   AFP: Boeing to phase out 747 jet production

24 July 2020   FlightGlobal: Analysts question if demand supports Boeing’s 2021 Max production plan

21 July 2020   King5: US moves one step closer to letting the Boeing 737 Max fly

10 July 2020   FlightGlobal: 737 Max certification remains urgent for Boeing even as new-jet demand sags

|  June 2020

25 June 2020   FlightGlobal: Boeing faces ‘critical few months’ amid pandemic: analysts

|  May 2020

28 May 2020   KUOW: Boeing cuts workforce and re-starts production

19 May 2020   AeroDefenseNews:« SAAB serait un partenaire assez logique pour Embraer » Michel Merluzeau, Director, Aerospace & Defence Market Analysis, AIR.

|  April 2020

27 April 2020      FlightGlobal:  Why Embraer’s breakup with Boeing highlights its solo struggles

15 April  2020    FlightGlobal: Industry downturn raises new doubts about Boeing’s NMA: analysts

14 April 2020      King 5: Boeing loses hundreds of orders amid coronavirus crisis

13 April 2020      China Airlines News:   业内对三菱支线客机扔抱有信心

10 April 2020      FlightGlobal: Mitsubishi’s SpaceJet seen as riding out coronavirus, arriving upon recovery

|  March 2020

20 March 2020    AFP:  Vers une nationalisation de Boeing ?

16 March 2020    Flightglobal:Pandemic heaps fresh pressure on Boeing as 737 Max grounding continues

15 March 2020    Aerospace Manufacturing:   Flight Testing for Boeing 777X is Now Underway

4 March 2020      AFP: Whither Boeing? Tough times persist one year after crash

3 March 2020     Flightglobal: Boeing’s new leaders may have what it takes to lead turnaround: analysts

|  February 2020

28 February 2020  Fortune: Boeing earnings preview: Will its new CEO plot a course correction?

27 February 2020  Flightglobal: US airlines could experience short-term hit from coronavirus

6 February 2020  Flightglobal: Boeing reveals details of 777X flight-test plan

5 February 2020  Flightglobal: China poses short and long-term challenges for US aerospace

|  January 2020

28 January 2020   KUOW: At the the heart of Boeing’s crisis, questions about company culture

13 January 2020   AFP: Boeing emails show a ‘culture of arrogance’

12 January 2020   AFP: 737 MAX: Boeing recommande une formation sur simulateur

7 January 2020  Flightglobal: Boeing changes mind, recommends simulator training for all 737 Max pilots

|  December 2019

27 December 2020  AFP: Un profil qui inquiète les spécialistes du secteur… Qui est David Calhoun, le futur patron de Boeing?

25 December 2020

24 December 2020:  Forbes: Satellite Photos Of Hundreds Of Undelivered 737 MAX Aircraft Underscore How Much Work Boeing Has Ahead

23 December 2020   Marketplace.org: Boeing’s CEO is out. The company announced “leadership changes.”

23 December 2020  Flightglobal:  Boeing CEO shuffle seen as another step toward Max certification

18 December 2019  King 5: Analyst: Boeing ‘absolutely’ too big to fail amid 737 MAX woes

17 December 2019  France 24:   La crise du Boeing 737 MAX, un “choc” pour l’économie


16 December 2019  Flightglobal:    Boeing to halt 737 production in January

10 December 2019   King 5:   FAA chief, former Boeing workers to testify before House committee

10 December 2019 Why hasn’t the FAA cleared the Max? Here’s the worry

10 December 2019  Flightglobal: Boeing NMA future doubted after United orders 50 Airbus A321XLRs

4 December 2019    AFP:  Big United order shows Airbus opportunity as Boeing reels

2 December 2019    Flightglobal: Ahead of Max certification, Congress calls FAA chief to hearing

| November 2019:

20 November 2019    AFP: Boeing announces new MAX orders as grounding crisis drags on

23 November 2019   Flightglobal: Muted Boeing unveils 737 Max 10

12 November 2019   CAVOK:F-35 para os Emirados Árabes Unidos ainda pode levar anos

6 November 2019    Flightglobal: Boeing chair talks certification ‘reform’, stands with Muilenburg

| October 2019

30 October 2019    Aviation Week: First F-35 Sale To UAE Could Still Be Years Away

18 October 2019    AFP: Les problèmes du 737 MAX soulignés dès 2016

18 October 2019    IBT: Document Suggests Boeing Pilots Saw MAX System Problems In 2016

16 October 2019    Le Journal de l’Aviation:   Will 737 MAX crisis take down Boeing CEO?

11 October 2019     Flightglobal:     ANALYSIS: FAA panel urges sweeping aircraft certification updates

| September 2019

25 September 2019  Flightglobal:   ANALYSIS: Boeing set for overhaul aimed at improved safety

4 September 2019  AFP: Regulator discord could delay the return of Boeing’s MAX jets

4 September 2019  BFMTV: Boeing est en train de boucler les changements exigés au 737 MAX

| August 2019

5 August 2019         France 24:   Is Boeing too big to fail?

4 August 2019         Business Day: Airbus battles to capitalise on Boeing’s woes

| July 2019

25 July 2019  Forbes:  See The Boeing 737 MAX Pile Up In Storage In These Time-Lapse Satellite Images

19 July 2019  Le Monde/AFP: L’immobilisation du 737 MAX pèse lourdement sur les comptes de Boeing

18 July 2019  New Straits Times: Boeing sees billions more in MAX costs as grounding drags on

12 July 2019  Flightglobal: Chinese sanctions seen as possibly affecting US aerospace firms

10 July 2019   Flightglobal: ANALYSIS: Boeing faces pricing pressure as Airbus encroaches

| June 2019

27 June 2019   AFP: Boeing s’enfonce dans la crise sans précédent du 737 MAX

24 June 2019   Business Journals: IAG won “substantial discount” in deal for 200 Boeing 737 Max jets

11 June 2019 Business Journals:  Paris Air Show primer: New jets from Boeing and Airbus generate intrigue

10 June 2019   Flightglobal:    Raytheon-UTC merger would help check Boeing’s dominance

10 June 2019   Flightglobal:  How will Boeing approach the Paris air show?

6 June 2019     Flightglobal: How the CRJ could save the MRJ

| May 2019

23 May 2019   AFP: Regulators ponder: When can Boeing’s 737 MAX fly again?

20 May 2019  Business Journals: Boeing delivers trio of KC-46 tankers to Air Force in weekend sales boost

16 May 2019  AFP: Boeing assure que le 737 MAX modifié est prêt pour la certification

16 May 2019  AFP: Boeing a mis à jour le système anti-décrochage

16 May 2019  Fortune: 4 Takeaways from Boeing’s Congressional Grilling

9 May 2019  France24: Boeing 737 MAX: une communication de crise mouvante

3 May 2019   Flightglobal: Analysts question what Boeing gained from CEO’s press conference

| April 2019

26 April 2019   La Nouvelle Tribune:  Autorisation du Boeing 737 Max : le régulateur aérien américain organise une rencontre aux USA

24 April 2019   NPR All Things ConsideredBoeing Officials Say Company Is Taking Financial Hit From Grounding Of 737 MAX Jets

17 April 2019   Science & Vie: Crash des Boeing 737 MAX 8 : l’informatique en accusation

8 April 2019   KUOW:  How the history of Boeing’s 737 led to its current crisis

| March 2019

28 March 2019   FlightGlobal: ANALYSIS: Boeing finally takes its 737 Max message public

26 March 2019   Business Journals: As FAA certification process faces criticism, questions linger around 777X approval

21 March 2019   JDD: Concurrent de Boeing et Airbus, l’avion chinois veut sa part du ciel

19 March 2019   KUOW: Boeing’s best-selling 737 will end with the MAX: analyst

18 March 2019   AFP: ‘Clear similarities’ between Boeing crashes in Ethiopia, Indonesia

18 March 2019   La Tribune: Le Boeing 737 MAX, l’avion qu’Airbus a poussé à faire

18 March 2019   Bloomberg: US Transportation Department probes FAA approval of Boeing’s 737 MAX as anti-stall system comes under scrutiny

15 March 2019   MarketWatch: Boeing halts 737 MAX deliveries after two fatal crashes

14 March 2019   Wall Street Journal: Boeing Halts 737 MAX Deliveries After Two Fatal Crashes

14 March 2019   Le Point: Après l’interdiction de vol mondiale du 737 MAX, Boeing a le dos au mur

12 March 2019   Le MatinWashington ne cloue pas au sol les Boeing 737

12 March 2019   Business Journals: Boeing defends 737 Max jet’s safety after Europeans park jet

12 March 2019   Euronews: Le MCAS, un système pour stabiliser les Boeing 737 MAX, sous la loupe des enquêteurs

11 March 2019   Les Echos: Boeing affronte une crise majeure, après le crash d’un 737 MAX

11 March 2019   Wall Street Journal: Ethiopian Airlines Jet Crashes En Route to Nairobi

11 March 2019   Le Journal de Montréal: Clouer au sol des Boeing 737 MAX 8? Un casse-tête pour les États-Unis

11 March 2019   Les EchosQuels points communs entre le crash d’Ethiopian et celui de Lion Air ?

11 March 2019   AFP: Boeing 737 MAX safety record questioned after two tragedies

10 March 2019   Wall Street Journal: Ethiopian Crash Carries High Stakes for Boeing, Growing African Airline

| February 2019

5 February 2019   Business Journals: Boeing’s big investment in Aerion Supersonic could signal boom for the sector

15 January 2019    Business Journals: Boom! Big backers spur the return of the supersonic jet

26 January 2019    Business Journals: Boeing board nominee Nikki Haley may help the jet maker in India, South Carolina

| January 2019

8 January 2019    Business Journals: Boeing reports record 2018 commercial airplane deliveries and a caveat

9 January 2019    Business Journals: Delta Air Lines adds 15 orders for Boeing rival’s new Airbus A220 jet


| December 2018

11 December 2018    Business Journal:  Boeing Renton improves 737 deliveries in November as recovery continues

| November 2018

5 November 2018   Business Journal:  Boeing’s new 737 completion center in China is almost ready to open

| October 2018

17 Octobre 2018   AIR Press Release: World Business and Personal Jets Market to Recover by Early 2020s With Stable Gains.

| September 2018

6 September 2018 :  NPR Marketplace

| August 2018

25 August 2018   Business Journal:  Courtier in chief: Alinh Hoang opens doors for aerospace buyers who want Boeing business

| July 2018

18 July 2018   Seattle Times: Boeing may build its 797 with a metal fuselage to keep costs down – and that could favor Everett

19 July 2018   The Daily Herald: A Boeing 797 built with metal fuselage could favor Everett

| June 2018

4 June 2018  Business Journal: HNA has a deal for 200 single-aisle C919 jets from Chinese Boeing rival COMAC

20 June 2018  Challenges :Boeing va-t-il enfin lancer son 797?

| May 2018

17 May 2018  Business Journal: Boeing adds managers, engineers to new mid-market airplane program as 797 effort accelerates

8 May 2018  Business Journal: Trump’s Iran deal exit likely won’t hurt Boeing but may help China and Russia

1 May 2018  Business Journal: Boeing’s $4.25 billion takeover of parts-maker KLX unnerves suppliers

| April 2018

3 April 2018   What You Need to Know About Boeing Co Stock and the Trade War

5 April 2018   King 5 TV: China’s proposed tariff could hit Boeing, but not hard

| March 2018

26 March 2018   Le Journal de Montréal: Boeing serait une cible «facile» dans une guerre commerciale

26 March 2018   The Straits times: In a trade war, US aviation giant Boeing could be a sitting duck

| February 2018

21 February 2018   Boeing reportedly gets Hawaiian Airlines to cancel Airbus A330-800neo order for 787 Dreamliners

AIR Presentation    PNAA Conference Seattle.   Download here

15 February 2018    Regional jet demand to peak in 2025 as current fleets are retired

14 February 2018   KING5:   Suppliers pressure Boeing to keep next plane in Washington

8 February 2018   Puget Sound Business Journal: The new Boeing 737 Max 7 has yet to prove itself (Video)

| January 2018

18 January 2018   Puget Sound Business Journal:  Not quite dead yet: Emirates throws Boeing rival Airbus a superjumbo A380 lifeline

| December 2017

18 December 2017   AFP:  End of an era for Boeing’s 747 jumbo jet on US airline routes

14 December 2017    Puget Sound Business Journal:  Boeing hints that it lost Delta’s 100-jet order to Airbus over price

13 December 2017    CBC-RCI:  Boeing, ce géant américain largué par Ottawa

8 December 2017    Puget Sound Business Journal: Boeing HorizonX chief Steve Nordlund is flying at startup speed

2 December 2017   Puget Sound Business Journal: Boeing says no safety risk from 787 Dreamliner battery incident

| November 2017

21 November 2017   Gulf News: Etihad not on the lookout for new equity stakes: CEO

17 November 2017   Zawya: Dubai Airshow 2017: Airbus deal means takeoff for CSeries

13 November 2017   Gulf News: Rolls-Royce optimistic on Emirates’ 787 engine order

| October 2017

26 October 2017   Puget Sound Business Journal: Boeing’s new Global Services unit is off to a slow start

18 October 2017  AFP: Boeing could rebut Airbus deal with new plane, partner

17 October 2017   La Presse: Un nouvel avion pour Boeing ou une alliance avec Embraer?

16 October 2017    Puget Sound Business Journal: Airbus’ Bombardier C Series deal could be good for Seattle-area 

6 October 2017   Puget Sound Business Journal: Boeing’s bold bet: Boost Dreamliner production to record rates and …

| September 2017

5 September 2017:  Puget Sound Business Journal: Avionics drives seismic shift in Rockwell Collins and Boeing deals 

| August 2017

28 August 2017:  Jeune Afrique: Aéronautique : en Afrique, Airbus réduit l’écart avec Boeing

15 August 2017: Puget Sound Business Journal: Why Boeing turned to Caroline Kennedy to beef up its board of Directors

2 August 2017:  La Croix : L’offensive de Boeing et Airbus dans les services fâche les sous traitants

| July 2017

11 July 2017:  Puget Sound Business Journal:  Airbus lands first North American deal for long-range A321LR jet

| June 2017

18 June 2017:  Challenges: Le vrai prix des avions Airbus et Boeing

| May  2017

6 May 2017: Xinhua: Aviation experts hail strong momentum of China’s aviation industry

6 May 2017: CCTV: Maiden flight of first China made passenger plane important in aviation industry

5 May 2017:  Irish Times: China’s homegrown C919 jet completes maiden flight

4 May 2017: Bloomberg:  China’s New Plane Will Be Helped Aloft by U.S. Technology

| April 2017

14 April 2017: Puget Sound Business Journal: Political jockeying in D.C. over Boeing’s Iran deals leaves Puget Sound-area jobs in limbo

| March 2017

31 March 2017:  Puget Sound Business Journal:  Chinese Boeing 737 competitor COMAC C919 is set to take flight

16 March 2017: Puget Sound Business Journal: Nomination has ‘conflict of interest written all over it:’ Exec tapped by Trump owns $6.2M worth of Boeing stock

16 March 2017: Puget Sound Business Journal: Boeing’s well placed to win Air Force T-X trainer jet ‘shoot-out’

| January 2017

31 January 2017:  Kent Reporter: Cut the cake and get back to work

26 January 2017:  Puget Sound Business Journal: China may win with TPP’s loss – at the expense of Boeing and Airbus

| December 2016

12 December 2016:  King5 News: Michel Merluzeau, an expert in aerospace defense contracting for AIR, weighs in on Trump’s comments about the Boeing Air Force One deal

6 December 2016:  Puget Sound Business Journal:  Analyst: Trump tweet unlikely to kill Boeing’s Air Force One project, but could force it to tweak budget

7 December 2016: NBC Seattle: Trump threatens Boeing deal, introduces Pentagon pick


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