Please select your subscription level and additional seats (if required).  Please email the name(s) and email contact information of the subscription beneficiaries to AIR at Login information will be securely communicated to them individually.

  • AIR Analysts Notes are market commentaries and analysis addressing current aerospace & defense issues (3-8 pages long on average)
  • AIR Notes and Market Analysis include selected summaries of our market forecast services studies (see below) as well as our market commentaries and analysis (Analyst Notes).  These typical include 5-7 charts and tables.
  • AIR Forecast Services are complete market forecast studies over 10-20 year timelines. This service is now available on a limited basis as we transfer our previous market studies to an interactive dashboard delivery format.

If you prefer to be invoiced for any of the services below please use this contact form and an invoice will be generated via email.

Government customers:  please contact us for a quote and terms of use.

AIR Analyst Notes

AIR Analyst Notes Corporate Service - Free (Registration Required)

AIR Analyst Notes & Market Analysis

AIR Notes and Analysis Corporate Subscription - Level 1 (2 seats)

AIR Forecast Services

AIR Forecast Services (Annual -Corporate Only) 2 Seats included

Subscription to AIR Commercial and Defense Forecasts only.  This subscription does not include analyst notes.

This subscription level includes all AIR Forecast.  The AIR Notes and Forecast described here only includes a limited number of forecast products based on the notes topics.

This subscription includes on demand data tables (xls).  Requests must be addressed to and will be provided within 1 business day (except during US and Canadian holidays).  Microsoft Power BI currently restricts download of data tables as an embedded document.


Additional Seats (Both for Notes and Forecast Services)

Additional Seat (Additional Notes/Forecast)
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